How it Works

To get the products you need for your project follow these steps:

1. Find your the products you need
Use the Quickfinder or the category navigation menu to find your desired products, then click the “add to cart” button to add those products to your shopping cart.

2. Confirm Stock
When you’re all done, view your cart to see that you’ve added everything you need for your project. Be sure to call Preston at 503-319-1093 or email to confirm that your product is in stock and available at your desired pick up location.

For a list of available pickup locations, click here.

3. Select a pickup location
Next, click the “checkout” button in the top right corner of the screen and enter your information. Don’t forget to select a pickup location where you’d like to pick up your product!

4. Use our secure payment process to checkout
Finally, enter your payment details into our secure checkout form to complete the checkout process.

5. Pick up your product
After checkout, you’ll receive a receipt of sale by e-mail, take that receipt to the supplier location you chose during the checkout process and the products will be ready for you to pick up!

Saving money on insulation is just a click away.