R-38 Unfaced High-Density 10.25 in. x 23.625 in. x 48 in. Batts (63.33 sq ft/bag)


Typical for vaulted  or cathedral ceiling install where compact thickness is needed. 8 pieces per bag.

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High Density or Compact insulation has a smaller thickness which allows the needed air gap between insulation and roof sheeting that most codes require.  This compact thickness is needed to install R-38 to fit 2 x 12 framing typically found in vaulted or cathedral ceilings. Friction fit for fast installation- no stapling required. Easier to cut than kraft-faced. Typically used with 4 mil poly sheeting if vapor barrier is needed. Click here for more on vaulted or cathedral ceiling installation.

We proudly sell Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free fiber glass insulation that is enhanced with a bio-based binder.  This product is not only the highest quality batt insulation but it is also made of mostly recycled glass and the plant based binder is formaldehyde free and has no harsh acrylics, dyes, or unnecessary fire retardants added.  Our batts will give you the highest insulating and acoustical qualities and are made in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible.  Unfaced insulation is manufactured without a vapor barrier or kraft facing and is used where a vapor barrier is not needed (interior walls, crawl space, attic) or will be added separately (usually a layer of poly or plastic sheeting on the face of wood studs installed after insulation).  Most building codes allow unfaced insulation in attics where there is a dead air space between the insulation and the roof sheeting- check your local codes.  Unfaced insulation is commonly used in crawl spaces where a vapor barrier is installed on the ground and/or under the floor sheeting.  Crawl space insulation is usually held in place by poly twine stapled to face of floor joist.  Unfaced batts are installed to block sound between rooms and floors in interior walls.  Interior walls can be easily insulated by friction-fitting unfaced batts in place with sheet rock installed on one side of the wall cavity.


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