Roxul ProRox Mineral Wool (Rock Wool)

The ProRox SL 900 series is a non-combustible, semi-rigid mineral wool insulation board that is water repellent and has excellent acoustical qualities that make it great for sound panels. ProRox board is a stone wool based insulation product made from natural stone and recycled material. The combination of stone wool and recycled content make ProRox products fire resistant. ROXUL’s ProRox SL 900 series insulation products are engineered to provide unmatched strength to prevent installation and delivery damage and to withstand everyday wear and tear. ProRox is simple to cut with a serrated knife for clean edges and a better fit during installation. Quick and easy cutting saves material and time making your project more profitable. ProRox products do not absorb water or hold moisture and is embedded with water repellent characteristics that drain water away. It will not corrode metals or promote the growth of fungi, mildew, or bacteria.

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