Acoustic Insulation and Sound Absorption

Recently, I have had many customers asking for product that have good acoustical qualities. Most are making acoustical panels for recording studios. To meet this need I have added a number of Roxul RHT products. Listed under the “Mineral Wool” tab the RHT products offer a variety of densities and dimensions to meet your projects needs. The RHT  line is an industrial product that is a non-combustible, semi-rigid mineral wool with excellent sound absorption. The rigid quality of  RHT makes it durable and easy to work with. The RHT-80 has great “low end” absorption while the RHT-40 provides great overall performance at a lower cost.  Most of the online music forums I have read recommend the RHT products but complain they are hard to find and expensive. Finding Roxul’s RHT products is now easy and very affordable.


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